Forecasting the financial world

New operation on Usd Eur

Italy, May 2,2013 13:04 GMT

Usd Eur

Our position is currently     LONG

Open on market opening  (April 29, 2013) at 1.2926

Close if:

1)      On the opening market of working day after opening (time delay)

2)      If below 1.2926-0.19%, that is 1.2901  (stop loss)

3)      If above 1.2926+6%, that is 1.3701(stop profit)



Info: From August 2,2004 this method had a performance as

7.2142% yearly compounded, net of 0.2% commissions round turn.

This is not meaning, obviously, that we will have the same performance

in the future.

The r squared measure was 0.9649.


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